Sunday, 5 August 2012

A gold day all around, for Team GB and my Filofax!

Hi everyone!

I have had a very good day, and so have Team GB! I am really getting into the Olympics- I'm not normally a sporty person, but it has been brilliant! I was quite pleased that the library is shut at the weekends now (something which I normally hate), so that I was able to spend all day at home and not only do lots of work, but watch lots of the Olympics too!! Today Team GB managed to win 6 gold medals- yes 6!!! I know that USA and China have won a lot more, but we are only a little island nation, and I am so proud of all the Olympians today!! In particular Jessica Ennis, who has such a hard contest in the heptathlon- normal athletes have to be excellent at 1 sport, but she has to be really really really good at 7- a very difficult thing! She has been waiting for a gold medal in this for so long, and I am so happy for her!

I have had a good day too! I have been struggling with writing my dissertation lately, and after a huge confidence loss earlier this week, I managed to develop a new structure to my diss. and get my tutor to agree to it, which has given me new confidence and now I feel like I can really get this thing done, and well! So I tried to do lots of work today; I managed to write about 1300 words today, which is a lot more than I have managed to write all week due to my writer's block and lack of confidence- and my reward for it isn't a gold medal, but a gold star!
A star for today!

I made this month-on-two-pages spread as part of my DIY diary, and haven't written anything in the boxes, so I thought I would use it to record when I have done lots of good work on my dissertation by putting a star on that day! I plan to have every day of the month filled in with a star! (Although I haven't done enough work for the first 3 days!) I bought these lovely star stickers from Rymans, they are metallic colours and very pretty! I wanted to use the pink for my first star, but I thought what could be more relevant for today- but gold! So I have a lovely gold sticker for 4th August!


  1. I too am not the sporty type AT ALL but I've nearly lost my voice from screaming at the tv yesterday! I managed to see all the gold medals get won, it was so exciting! GO GB!!!

  2. Aw, Kate! I'm so sorry you're having a tough time of it. Sometimes things are harder then I have the energy to deal with... I understand.


  3. Love those star stickers! Brings back fond memories of handing in my homework on time...

    Wishing you all the best for your dissertation!

  4. Congratulations Team GB! All the Olympians are amazing athletes, I can't even imagine their sacrifices to be the best of the best. It's been fun to watch and to see their faces when they stand on that Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze podium. Inspiring and Awesome!!! (makes me want to work out or go for a walk or something)

    Sounds like you're figuring out an excellent way to attack that dissertation. Way to go! You can do it!