Sunday, 13 May 2012

The students' disease: End-of-term-itis

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post to ask you something. I wonder if you get end-of-term-itis? It's like a condition where your brain just can't concentrate on school/uni/job work, because you are about to go on holiday or it's the end of term- all you want is for time to speed up, and your work to finish itself so you can have your break. Well, for me, I won't be having a holiday or anything, but still, it's going to be a struggle to keep my brain focussed. I have 2 big assignments due in this week- 1 essay and a big project, and so over the next few days I'm going to be working really hard on these to get them finished. Then, once these 2 are finished, I have another one due in for the next week. But whenever I hand my essays in, I suddenly lose all the adrenaline that kept me going over the last few days, and the lack of sleep (all-nighters!) and lack of food catch up on me. It's all I can do not to fall asleep as soon as I get home! But because I have very little time to finish the last assignment, I will have to start the whole essay-writing madness again on Friday morning! This is bad because I will be really tired from this week's work, and I procrastinate at the best of times, but I will really struggle to work because I know this is my last essay, and freedom is near. I know that is stupid, because I should keep telling myself "just a few more days' hard work and that's it", but I don't feel 'The Fear' during times like this. The Fear is that sudden realisation that you don't have enough time to finish doing what you need to do unless you work harder, and it pushes you to get on with it. I know it doesn't really hit me for the last essay of term, and this means end-of-term-itis infects me!

Well, anyway, I won't be having a summer holiday this year, but I will reward myself with a few days off at the end of my final essay.

Do you get end-of-term-itis? How do you combat it?

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  1. Oh yes, the wonderful cycle of 'Due Date' versus 'Don't Want To'. Reading your post is like reading my schedule for the next fortnight - disturbingly familiar LOL
    Fortunately The Fear is keeping me in line (writing this during my 'break' time of course)...I don't combat it; I wear the shackles, bow my head, and do what I'm told ;)