Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mysterious planner!

I was digging through my notebooks at home (I have lots!!) and I discovered this planner I forgot about for a year and a half! It is a non-filofax ringed planner and I vaguely remember buying it from a car boot sale a couple of years ago and then going to WH Smith to find a diary insert for it. Looking through it is fascinating! It shows just how far my brain has come in organisation since then!
I couldn't remember what type of diary insert I had bought for it back in 2009, and now I look inside the planner I see it was a WH Smith brand week on two pages unlined academic insert. This is particularly interesting to see as it is the type of diary I definitely can't use now, it just doesn't work for me! I think maybe I just didn't have the kind of commitments then that I have had in the last year.
Looking through the diary I can see I used it to record important tasks and deadlines during my work experience in a museum during August, but I really didn't have much to do then so on average I only had 4 entries every week! Then it got a lot busier as I got ready to go back to university. During term-time I noted my lecture times and appointments; it's interesting to see how I laid this out in comparison to this year. I didn't write them in order, I didn't colour-code; there was no structure to it. I think the reason I could cope with this at that point was because my life was relatively un-complicated, and when I had an appointment I could remember it in my brain more easily and my planner was only a reference diary. Now, I have so much to do on certain days with shifts at work, appointments and meetings, lectures, and of course general to-dos and university homework, I just can't keep organised. I NEED a more structured and larger space in which to write in- hence I use a page-a-day insert now.
I stopped using my planner at the end of term 1, and the only entries I have from January onwards are forward planning events I probably wrote months before. I can't remember the precise reason I stopped using it; it was probably that I didn't NEED it so it just dropped out of my mind. And I can't remember what I used instead of this planner. I think I may have used the calendar on my old phone. Now, or at least during year 3 of uni, I had a MUCH busier life and needed a better planner. I am very glad I have had the day-to-a-page insert for the end of my university degree; however I will be changing this system as I have far fewer appointments during the summer, and then changing it again during my MA. I'll do a post on this soon.
For now, I'm just glad a found a new filofax-style binder I can use! I'll be writing reviews of all my planners soon so I'll do a nice review of this one soon :)

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