Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Filofax updates...

I really haven't been keeping up with my poor little blog! I've been really busy the last couple of months, but it's my last (ever!) exam tomorrow and after that I'll have plenty of time... well, after I've done research in the library, applied for MA and then packed up and moved everything into my new house and moved back home!

I can't remember where I left it last time so I'll give a quick run-through of my filofax story over the last couple of months:

After I bought my raspberry Finsbury personal, I bought a mini Finchley in caramel from ebay, very cheap, almost got lost in the post. I got bitten by the filofax-bug and couldn't stop buying more, and I still can't! Bought my A5 red Domino, filled it with DodoPad diary, didn't touch it after day 1! Bought pocket Malden in crimson, didn't actually use it properly, it's still sitting forlorn on my desk :( Bought a personal and pocket Kendal together on ebay, used the personal for a month or so, but too masculine for me (I'll do a detailed review of it soon), might give the personal or pocket to my brother for his birthday. Asked for the ochre Malden in personal for my birthday :D and had to buy it from the American website pens and leather because I can't find it in England. After a bit of fuss it arrived a couple of weeks AFTER my birthday and I haven't even seen it yet!! :S can't wait to get home!! While waiting for that, I decided I must invest in city organiser's deal on the gorgeous crimson Malden in PERSONAL this time :) and I LOVE it! It arrived so quickly, very impressed. LOVE it!
Then, DISASTER! Small scratch in the top right hand corner of my lovely new Malden! Don't know how it got there... covered it up with friend's sparkly red nail varnish... looked then like a sparkly scratch.
Oh well, that doesn't matter any more because DISASTER DISASTER!!! I did something VERY stupid!!
My filofaxes usually never leave my hand, I carry it (whichever I'm using, currently crimson personal Malden [I've fallen behind on naming them!]) rather than putting it in my bag. But on Monday, trying to be efficient and taking my ALL my library books back in one go in my little Paddington bear suitcase, with my phone to my ear in one hand and the suitcase handle in the other, I thought "I'll put filo in a canvas bag and hang it over the handle of my suitcase..." NOT a good idea!! Why I didn't put it over my shoulder I DON'T know! It wasn't even heavy! So I'm walking along with my phone to my ear and my canvas bag swings round the side of my suitcase and scrapes under the wheels. Oops. Holding my breath to see what has happened to my beautiful filo... give it a quick look over, phew! nothing has happened. Obviously I haven't looked hard enough... when I got my filo out to put back into my trusty filofax holder, namely my hand (safest place for it) I find a HUGE!! scratch in the top-right hand corner! Same corner as before only now 3 times the size! OK, maybe it's only 1 cm long and about 4 wide at the widest, but it got through all the layers of leather down to the middle (cardboard?) bit!

Quick google "repair filofax", "leather fixers" etc, email Steve at Philofaxy for help, cry inside... decide to go out first thing to find the leather fixers I have found online. Not at the address listed... phone them up, they've closed. Ahh.
Quick walk down to city centre, to Timpsons, "can you repair this?" rude answer, basically no, try nail varnish! Lo and behold, next door is a make-up shop! £1 later, a bottle of nail varnish in my hand, I had painted the corner of my filo in! Almost exactly the same colour (I can see the difference but that's only because I'm aware of it, I don't know if others would be able to spot the difference) and my beautiful filo is almost good as new! PHEW!!

Latest quest, I'm looking for an A5 :) Maybe the new Aston in orchid? Hmm, graduation present? Heehee!!


  1. Oh! Poor, poor Malden. So long as (s)he's been patched up okay, it's all good. That truly does stink though. But congrats on the purchases. it sounds like you're well on your way to having a great collection.

  2. Oh no! Could have been terrible. I am glad you sorted her out :-)

  3. S'ok. A couple of scratches/dents give them personality! Just like us :)
    Biggest congratulations on your BA!!