Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Filofax hack #1

Hi everyone! I'm back because I've finally finished my dissertation :D

It was my birthday yesterday and I'm expecting my main birthday present to arrive in a few days, a personal ochre Malden :D but it's from Pens and Leather in the US so is taking a while to come :(

But while I'm waiting I thought I would tell you a filofax hack I thought of. I've named it #1 because I imagine I'll think of a few more in the near future :)

If you want a notepad in your filofax but don't have the slot in it like in the Malden, here's a way for you to fix one into your filo!
What you need:
a filofax notepad (the right size for your filo)
a top-opening envelope

Take a pair of scissors- be brave, it doesn't hurt!! and  cut the side off the cardboard backing of your notepad, approx. 6mm. Cut the left side and you will cut through the holes, but you can still put the notepad on the rings using the holes of the paper itself.
Slip the cardboard backing into the top-opening envelope

And voila! You now can have a notepad in your filofax!!

And while I'm loading pictures off my phone, here's a picture of my cat :)


  1. i still need to do this! are you on twitter because i was asking about you

  2. Hi! I'm not on twitter; well, I started an account but I didn't use it because none of my friends are on it and I don't know how to use it! But I'm on facebook if you want to add me!

  3. Woohoo you got one more follower :P

    This is a really neat idea! I'm CONSIDERING upgrading my cheap personal Identity filo to a personal Guildford or lyndhurst :/ and if I got one I would definitely be performing this hack lol. Do you reckon that the posh leather filos are worth the extra money?? They look amazing, I just don't know if I can justify spending that much! :]


  4. Thanks Adam, it's great to have more followers! To be honest, I haven't really handled that many non-leather/cheap filos, but I know that the leather ones are DEFINITELY better quality and nicer, at least in my opinion! Some people love their non-leather filofaxes, and don't want to spend money on a leather filofax they don't 'need'- but I know if I had bought a cheaper filo at first I definitely would have bought a leather one to replace it; but that's just me because I can't say no to filofaxes! I commend your strength to only consider buying a new filofax, because once I get the idea of buying a new one I can't resist! I don't know how much the ones you are looking at are, but if you know you will use it every day, it should be value for money!!

  5. Haha yes that does make sense, I'll give it a chance (and pledge to myself not to buy a filofax until at least christmas)! :]