Sunday, 15 April 2012

Moleskine hack in a pocket Filofax

Hi everyone! Here's a really quick post about something I just did with my pocket Kendal Filofax :)

This morning Steve, the Philofaxy King, posted a link to a youtube video. Here it is:
Sorry, blogger couldn't find the video and imbed it in the post, but just follow the link and find it there :)

Basically, the idea is to take apart a pocket Moleskine (or other, same-sized notebook) punch the pages and load them into a pocket-sized Filofax!
I had a Moleskine which I tried to use for GTD, and it really didn't work for me. I had taken some of the pages out already, so I didn't see the harm in pulling the whole thing apart for this hack!
I pulled out each booklet inside it (a set of about 8 pages, stitched together through the middle), trimmed the edges that I had torn apart, and punched them with my KW Trio. Then I put them in my Filofax!
It's not the tidiest thing; it was quite difficult to get the punches exactly in the right place each time, so some pages stick out more at the top or the bottom than others.

I LOVE this hack for a number of reasons:
I love Moleskine-esque pocket-sized notebooks, and I always have a least one with me when I go out; I use them to write down ideas for essays etc, because I know if I didn't write them down, I would forget them really quickly! I say I have at least 1 with me; but usually I have 3!!! 1 for general uni notes, 1 for MA dissertation notes, and 1 for planning my PhD application!!
One thing I wish I could do with those lovely little notebooks is move the pages about like I do in my Filofaxes. So this is a brilliant solution!
And another thing this hack allows me to do is take out pages I don't want any more, and leave in the ones I do want.
The pages are nice and big, much bigger than the normal pocket-sized Filofax pages. I find pocket-sized Filofax paper waaayyyy too small to use, so what a perfect solution!
You can see the differences in the size of the paper! Moleskine hacked on the left, Filofax pocket sheets on the right.

I think this is a brilliant hack, I can't wait to start using it, especially as my pocket Kendal had been sitting folorn, unused on a shelf!


  1. OMMMMMGGG! I love this idea - blending my shameful Moleskine lust with my Filofax love. I will have to come back on the weekend when I have time to read and watch the video.

  2. The Moleskine paper is so much nicer than FF paper - I think I need some kind of therapy though as I find it hard to bring myself to write in these fabulous notebooks :o)

  3. @Lj me too!
    In fact I have several moleskines I bought but have not found something worthy enough to write in them..
    I also bought a paperblanks notebook (paper isn't as good but I just love some of those covers) - I actually bought 3 as I knew that would be the only way I would use one...

    Sad but true...

    So you can see the chances of me taking one apart are slim to nil. Why oh why do filofax not see what people are doing and just make some decent paper. If people are willing to hack a moleskine they aren't going to be worried that the paper costs a bit more are they?

  4. Thankyou for featuring my video. I'll be uploading an update on my pocket filofax moleskine hybrid to my Youtube channel some time later today.