Friday, 2 March 2012

Let's all do the Dodo!!

I just came from a skype chat with the CEO of Dodopad Rebecca Jay, Imy, Steve, Tracy and Joshua, about making the Dodopad more suitable for the personal-sized filofax! Yesterday I hacked my A5 dodopad to fit into my personal filo, and lots of us talked about it on twitter, which led Rebecca to talk to her designer to mock up a bigger grid for the personal-sized filo!
She said she didn't want to cut off one column like I did, so it would be a case of shrinking the grid to fit better on the page. This would be bigger than the current grid, smaller than the A5 or deskpad grid, but the same size as the mini dodopad grid (which is popular and totally works for many people!)- the squares would be 14mm square each, which I think is better than the current square size in the personal-sized filofax dodopad- I can definitely see myself writing in these boxes.
Unfortunately, a tiny bit of the drawings might get cropped a bit on the sides of the page, but I'm not too worried about that! Rebecca sent us some PDFs of some mock-ups, but they are secret!!
Obviously this is a work-in-progress, and it takes 4 months for the new dodopad to go from the drawing board to the printing press, so these new versions of the personal-sized filofax dodopads won't be available until 2013, but I think it will be worth the wait!!

In other news, I suggested the Day-on-2-pages Dodopad again to Rebecca, whether it's in filofax format or not- and she said she'll discuss it with her designer when they meet in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that will come to fruition!!

Isn't it great when a company really listens to you? Fantastic!! :D
Thank you, Lord Dodo and Rebecca!!


  1. I wish more companies would take this kind of notice.

  2. Whatever, lets ditch Filofax and just buy all of our inserts from Dodo! Superior paper, superior service, just a whole different ballgame!

  3. Wow Kate - thanks for all of that! Something about Darwin and evolution buzzing in my ears!

    The 2013 Dodo Pad will in fact be out in June THIS year - the 2013 master artwork is all completed now - we are just doing the size variants - which is why your 'hack' was well timed - two weeks time and we'd be looking at 2014! Toodlepip!

    1. Yay! I so want to Dodo out in 2013 with the new and improved personal size inserts. Thanks for responding so quickly and responsively to my friends' concerns and suggestions.

  4. Small surprise for you in my latest blog post. =)