Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Filofax's new range 2012

There have been many posts on Philofaxy over the last couple of months announcing and discussing the new Filofax range for 2012. Some of these new filofaxes are starting to trickle onto the filofax UK website, and these are the ones I have noticed in the last week:

Breast Cancer Campaign, Personal Organisers
Breast Cancer Campaign personal-sized filofax, of course in pink! The difference this year is that it is personal-size, not pocket size, which is the size the BCC filofax used to be.

Swift, Personal Organisers
The Swift, replacement for the former Songbird organisers and other patterned canvas filofaxes.

The Apex range in more colours, and also in A5 size.

Domino, Personal Organisers
The Domino range in more colours, including a deep pink and violet I quite like. The A5 also comes in more colours, which is good!

As you can see, these are the cheaper binders, Filofax is holding back the more expensive new ones such as the purple Malden and the orange Osterley to release later. I'm waiting for the purple Malden so I can get it for my birthday!! :D


  1. Petal - March
    Jack Vintage - April
    Domino - March
    Domino Mix - July
    Apex - March if anyone cares!
    Metropol - March
    Swift - March
    Pennybridge June
    BCC - April
    Finsbury March
    Holborn - March
    Malden - March
    Filofax Classic - June
    Luxe - June
    Osterley - June


    1. brilliant news, thanks so much Steve!!! so glad the Malden's coming out soon, will start saving!! :D

  2. Oh...I just ordered a vintage pink Malden yesterday, and now I want the purple one too! What is a girl to do?