Saturday, 2 March 2013

Video: My New Planner!

Hi guys!

I've been trying for 2 days to film this video and upload it for you!

At first I used my phone camera, and when I tried to upload it to youtube, it said it would take 240 minutes to upload! So I cancelled the upload, and filmed it again, thinking this would fix the problem- nope! It said it would take around 220 minutes to upload, so I tried to put it through converters, save it in movie maker software to make the size smaller, etc etc... nothing worked. By the time I did all that, it was 4 hours later, and I could have uploaded the first video by then! So I just decided to upload the original to youtube, and 220 minutes later, youtube said it was finished! And when I went to check it... it had squished the video from 15 minutes in length to 4 minutes!!! So I had to delete the video :(
This morning I tried to fix the problem, but I couldn't, so I decided to film it AGAIN using my webcam. That went fine, and only took 23 minutes to upload, but the sound quality is rubbish because my microphone doesn't work very well, so I apologise for that!

I had wanted to publish this post with the video on Thursday, but now it's technically Saturday, so here, FINALLY, is the video of my new planner!!

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